Twenty Nineteen

We’re three days in to 2019 and this year is feeling pretty good so far. Life is starting to return to normal after a delightful holiday season, the sun is shining outside our windows today, and I have a renewed sense of hope in what’s to come.

Our Christmas was quite a blur. About a week before Christmas, we made the (rather impulsive) decision to welcome a playful black Lab puppy, Louie, into our family. He’s been an added responsibility but also quite a joy. Louie and our little E have quickly developed a respectful interest in each other. It’s pretty sweet to watch them together.

Christmas celebrations included family, presents galore, and our own little E playing the role of Jesus in our church’s live nativity service on Christmas Eve. So fun! We read E the Christmas story from eight different children’s books we acquired this season and delighted in sharing the holiday with her. There’s something about being a mom that’s given me a greater appreciation for Christmas— for Mary and her obedience and love for her son, for Jesus coming in the form of a tiny and helpless babe, for God’s unimaginable love for His people that He would leave Heaven and come to Earth to be with us. Oh what joy!

The joy continued as we welcomed the New Year with wine, friends, and sense of anticipation for all that God has in store for us this year. There are big things coming for our family, and I just can’t wait. 2019, here we go!