'Tis The Season

Thanksgiving Day passed and we marched full on into Christmas— Christmas books, Christmas music, jammies, trees, nativity scene, snowmen candles. The calendar is filled with events and celebrations. We even got a few inches of snow last night to really help set the mood.

And I am soaking it up.

It’s our first Christmas as a family of three. E’s eyes lit up when she woke up from a nap to find our Christmas tree decorated, lights twinkling, and my heart almost burst. This year she gets to be part of it all, all the traditions and celebrations and time with family and friends. It will be her first year hearing the Christmas story, her first experience of the live nativity at church on Christmas Eve, her first taste of Christmas cookies, and her first time opening presents.

At nearly 8 months old, she doesn’t understand yet. She doesn’t know that the special ornament she unwraps on Christmas morning will someday adorn the tree she decorates with her own children, just as mine hang on our tree now. She doesn’t know that there’s a children’s Christmas CD of the most annoying songs that her aunt and uncle and I still sing even in our twenties. She doesn’t know that we only took right turns on the way home from getting our Christmas tree (a tradition born on accident over ten years ago). She doesn’t know that what we’re celebrating in this season is the long awaited birth of the Savior King, the coming of the Messiah, God in human likeness, so full of love for His people that He came to be among them.

She doesn’t know yet. But in the years to come, she’ll soak in our traditions, learn the words to our favorite carols, and appreciate the eager anticipation of Advent as we look forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth.

Oh what a joy to share this season together!