This Crazy Love

About five times a day, Austin exclaims “I just love her so much!” and my heart flips inside my chest. But he’s not talking about me…

He is obsessed with E, and rightfully so because she is the cutest, sweetest little girl there is. His love for her is overwhelming and incredible.

Recently, he told me “It’s so great. I think I’m understanding more how God feels about us.” Isn’t it awesome?! Parenthood has opened our eyes to the immensity of God’s love. I’m sitting here writing and on the verge of tears just thinking about how much I love my little girl. I can’t put it into words. I’ll never be able to quantify it. And she’ll never fully know the extent of my love for her. And yet, God’s love is more. Infinitely more actually. My love for her is nothing compared to His.

We are head over heels for our little E. We ooh and ahh over her. We delight in every new skill and each burst of giggles. We stare and marvel at the fact that we get to be her parents. God does the same with us. He made us and He called us good. He delights in our being and is full of joy when we partner with Him in His work. God embraces us in His love just like I grab E and snuggle her against my chest.

It’s crazy, this love, but oh so amazing. Thank you Father God for sharing this tiny glimpse into how great Your love for us is. This parenting thing is pretty darn cool.