The Most Beautiful Thing

Last night, we hired a babysitter (aka my mom) and Austin and I had a “date night”. Really, we grabbed an ice cream cone on the way to an event at church. Our church was hosting a talk by a professor at nearby Wheaton College. The topic—Pornography. Quite a date night, right?

Actually, the talk was fascinating. Professor William Struthers is a neuroscientist whose research focuses on pornography. He’s also a Christian. 

I’ve read and heard discussions on pornography plenty of times, but always from a single viewpoint— culture, science, religion. But Dr. Struthers combined all three and the result was an informative and engaging presentation. There was a lot of information and Austin and I both walked away with so many thoughts on the topic. But one part of the talk stuck with me more than any other.

At one point, Dr. Struthers began talking about his wife. He said “My wife doesn’t have the body of a 20 year old adult film star. And I’m so glad she doesn’t.” I thought, ‘oh that’s nice’. But he wasn’t done. He went on to talk about his great appreciation for his wife’s body— for the way it had carried and nursed three children, for the wear it had endured through motherhood. He was so thankful for the sacrifices she’d made and his love for her was so evident.

And this mama, with stretch marks all up her belly and clothes that will probably never fit right again, found such beauty in his words.

Moms-- your bodies are incredible. They created, grew, and sustained life. And the lines and marks and wears of motherhood are far more beautiful than a “perfect” figure.

So this morning I got dressed and instead of finding frustration in the way my pre-pregnancy shorts were fitting, I chose to be grateful. My shorts are tight because a growing belly housed my little E not even 3 months ago. And I’d take her over shorts that fit every single day.