One of my biggest prayers for E is that she would always be surrounded.
Surrounded by friends, family, peers, and mentors.
Surrounded by people who love her fiercely and desire great things for her.
Surrounded by people whose love for Jesus is infectious.
Surrounded by people who will walk with her, who will guide her, who will be present with her.

And boy am I thankful, because I think she's got a good start on that. Our friends and family love our little girl so well. They rejoice with us in her growth and they pray with us through the difficulties. E has grandparents, aunties, uncles, godparents, family friends, pastors, and a church community that are walking with us in raising her, surrounding her with love.

I know that as E gets older, there will be no shortage of role models in her life. She'll have adults to look up to in all aspects of life, and she will be surrounded by people she can rely on for advice, prayer, and encouragement. And just as we've found friends to walk with us, I hope she will too. I hope elementary school brings friendships that last through life. I hope college brings roommates that become like sisters. I hope that when it comes to choosing bridesmaids for her wedding or godparents for her children, that those decisions will be hard because there are so many great candidates.

And I pray that those people that surround her would point her back to Jesus over and over and over, that every relationship would bring glory to God, and that she would be so grateful to be surrounded.