Shout Out to Dads

To my dad, my husband, my brothers-in-law, and the dear friends who are doing the dad thing-- happy father's day.

Me & My dad circa 1994

Me & My dad circa 1994

From day one, Austin has blown me away in his role as E's dad. He's hands-on, sentimental, and just plain sweet with our little girl. Our first days in the hospital after her birth, he changed every diaper, perfected the art of swaddling, and read her the Easter story to help celebrate her first holiday. I was amazed (in part because he had never even changed a diaper prior to her birth). And now, three months in, he's still rocking it. He reads her books, makes up silly songs, helps me sing her lullaby every night before bed, and gushes about how cute she is every chance he gets. I am so thankful.

I'm thankful that E has a dad that's involved, a dad who delights in her, and dad who loves her endlessly. My dad's like that too. He was the dad at every game/meet/show, the one who would drive an extra hour to drop off the book I forgot and needed for school the next day, the one who supports and encourages me, and the one I can always count on for good snacks and great conversation.

And what's even better is knowing that these great dads are showing us just a glimpse of what our Heavenly Father is like. A Father who makes children in His image, who guides, rebukes, and redeems, who offers love and life everlasting. And for that, I'm beyond grateful.