Hurry Up & Slow Down

My sweet baby E is nearly 10 months old. She took her first step last week, started swim lessons, and is working on her second tooth. I love watching each new thing she does and how quickly she’s learning. I keep hoping the hours will fly by so I can see that next tooth poke through and those wobbly steps turn fluid. I can’t wait for her to talk and play games and imagine with me. I’m so excited for all the fun that’s to come. Let’s hurry up and get to it!


We have company coming to visit. I should be cleaning. I should be ridding the house of dog hair, and cleaning the bathtub, and taking out the trash. I should be cleaning. But instead I’m snuggled up on the couch, baby on my chest and puppy lying on my feet.

I have plenty of days of vacuuming and scrubbing the tub ahead of me, but these days of E cuddled up against me, burying her head into my chest, these will be gone all too soon. Before I know it, she’ll be too big to be held. She’ll get busy with homework and friends, then college apps and dating, and then one day she’ll set off on her own adventure and I won’t be there to hug her close everyday. Everyone says it goes fast, and I believe it.

So today the floors will be dirty and the tub won’t be scrubbed, but the baby will be held and kissed and covered in love. And I’ll soak in these moments for as long as I can and pray that time will slow down when we sit here on the couch together.

Come on sweet girl. Let’s hurry up. And slow down.