Flash Forward

I was out running errands last week when I stopped at a red light. I glanced in the rearview mirror to see what little E was up to and saw the sweetest thing. My girl was sitting in her carseat, intently flipping through the pages of her new favorite book, Go Dog Go. And it hit me. My mind flashed forward and I envisioned her sitting in the backseat 10 years from now, pushing long, messy red hair out of her eyes as she buries her face in a chapter book. Like now, she’d be engulfed in her reading, her soft face serious and studious, body leaned forward, ankles crossed. I can’t wait for the next decade of watching her grow and seeing her become this same, but wildly different self.

I said “Hey E, what’re you up to?” and watched that toothy toddler smile spread across her face as she glanced up at me before returning to her book. What an absolute joy it is to behold her and such a privilege to spend my days with her. I’m soaking it in, saving these little snapshots of our days, and relishing in the beauty of these completely ordinary moments. It’s nothing short of magical.