5 Favorites: Traveling With Baby

In the past month, E has been to three new states! And we jet off again tomorrow to check off one more. Between plane rides and road trips, I've found a couple must-have items for traveling with an infant.

  1. Nursing Cover
    I brought a bottle on our first plane ride, thinking it would be much easy than trying to nurse on the plane. Really, I just found it to be a hassle and while E is great with a bottle, she definitely prefers when I nurse her. I'm totally comfortable nursing her openly in front of friends and family, but strangers in the airport? Not so much. I'm in love with this nursing cover I bought! And bonus, it can also be used as a carseat cover to protect little ones from germs and bright lights.

  2. Car Seat and Stroller Covers
    I was pretty hesitant about getting these, but now I'm totally sold. When we picked up our stroller and car sear from gate check after our first flight, the covers had dirt and marks all over them. I was immediately glad we had gotten them and I didn't have to spend time wiping down the car seat before putting E in. I ordered this car seat cover and this stroller cover and used a sharpie to write our last name on them to make them extra easy to identify.

  3. Baby Travel Tent
    On our previous trips, we've stayed with friends who have kids (and therefore a spare pack-n-play) or in hotels where we could ask for a crib. This weekend, we'll be staying with friends who don't have kids, and rather than haul the pack-n-play onto the plane and all through Boston, I bought this pop-up baby travel tent for E to sleep in. It looks awesome and I'm so excited to test it out! **Update: This was an amazing sleep solution for when we were traveling. So easy to use and fits inside a suitcase. For a little one, it's much easier than bringing along the pack-n-play.**

  4. Baby K'tan Carrier
    A must-have for airports and planes! As soon as we got into the airport and checked our bag, I put E in into the K'tan and pushed her empty stroller. I had two hands free and could easily walk through security with her. On the plane, she was able to fall asleep cuddled up close to me. It was perfect. We also packed an Ergo carrier, but I find the K'tan much more comfortable and way easier to put on, so that's what we used most.

  5. Honest Baby Diapers
    We typically use cloth diapers on E. They're eco-friendly and generally more budget-friendly than disposable diapers. When traveling though, I don't want to worry about having to do laundry or keeping enough clean diapers with us, so we've been using Honest brand diapers during our trips. They're made of better materials than most disposable diapers, are super cute, and didn't give E the rash than other brands of diapers have. These definitely get my recommendation for best disposable diaper!


What other must-have items do you use when traveling with baby?
Let me know in the comments below!