5 Favorites: Moms to Follow

Most things are life are better done in community. Motherhood is absolutely one of those things. Here's some of the mama's I follow-- from women that inspire me to real-life friends that are walking with me in this journey. 

  1. Jamie Finn @fosterthefamilyblog
    Obsessed. That's about all I can say because Foster the Family is by far my favorite blog and Instagram account ever. Jamie writes so openly and beautifully about her family's journey with foster care and adoption. Her focus on God and loving on foster children & their families is incredible. Her writing is inspiring and heartbreaking and often leaves me in tears. Follow her Instagram, read her blog, check out her podcast --it will absolutely leave you changed for the better.

  2. Kimberlee Anne @kimberleeanne
    Another foster/adoption account. Can you see a trend here? Get ready for photos of chunky little babes and big bio sibs that are just too sweet. She's sharing honestly about the joys and hardships of foster care, about the real life behind the photos, and about the heartbreak of losing babies. All the feels. It's just good.

  3. Rebecca Kuntz @lifewithelliegirl
    Where to start?! Rebecca is a real-life friend whose strength and faith amaze me. She's a single mama to the most joyful and resilient little girl I've ever met. The story of Ellie's adoption is so incredibly powerful and still leaves with me in awe of the way God moved mountains to build their family. Ellie has a variety of special needs and Rebecca is her fiercest advocate. Her account is full of information and is an awesome resource on activities, toys, and equipment for kiddos with special needs. It's a total joy to be a part of their lives!

  4. Heather Avis @theluckyfewofficial
    A friend introduced me to this account a while back, but I didn’t take much interest until I read Heather’s book and really got to hear her story. She’s an adoptive mama of three, two of who have Down Syndrome. Her advocacy and joy in ‘shouting their worth’ is incredible. And her kiddos are just the sweetest! Heather has a new book coming this summer and a podcast where she and some friends talk all about the joys and challenges of Down Syndrome. It’s taught me so much and I’ve loved following along with their family’s story.

  5. Sarah Cruz @sarahzcruz
    Sarah is one of the most beautiful and Christ-filled mama's I know, though I may be a little biased because she's also my sister-in-law. She shares on the ups and downs of motherhood, the beauty of living in Alaska, and the joy of seeking a life full of Jesus. Her adorable Abby girl is exactly 10 months older than E and it's been so wonderful to go to Sarah with all my questions and prayer requests. How great it is to call her sister!

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Who are the mamas inspiring and encouraging you?