5 Favorites: Summer Activities

It's our second summer in Chicagoland, but really more like our first because last summer was hijacked by home renovations and a newborn baby. But we’re settled in our house, E is an active little one year old, and we're looking forward to enjoying some fun family activities together! Here are a few things we'll definitely be doing this summer:

  1. Ball game
    I grew up watching the Cubs and by far, there's no better place to watch a game than at Wrigley Field. But MLB tickets are pricey, especially if kids may not be able to sit through a whole game. Austin and I may sneak away for a date at the game, but for whole family fun, we’ll likely go minor league. The Chicago Dogs (yep, that's really their name!) are a new local team. We went to a game last summer for a whooping $15/ticket. That’s a price that can’t be beat! Plus, it’s a family-friendly atmosphere and I won’t feel bad leaving early when E decides she’s over it.

  2. Racetrack
    If I went to the racetrack during the week, I'd probably find old men placing big bets and smoking cigars. But Sundays are family days at Arlington Park and little ones line up for the pony rides and petting zoo. We take a picnic lunch and place $2 bets on the horses with the best names. It's something different and totally fun! Plus, there’s a special dog-friendly day, complete with Corgi races. You can bet we’ll be there, pup and all!

  3. Town celebrations
    Our town kicks off summer with an annual Pet Parade (do those exist elsewhere?) and a big carnival. I have fond childhood memories of watching the Parade and can’t wait to share it with E. Her current obsession is pointing out every pup she sees and shouting “dog!” A parade of dogs is just going to blow her mind.

  4. Outdoor entertainment
    Many local parks hold summer concerts and movies (and usually they're free!). Chicago-area friends, check out shows at Ravinia and Millennium Park. Or find a full list of outdoor movies here. Take the kiddos or make it a date night, but don’t forget snacks and bug spray!

  5. Walks
    It’s warm and sunny and the Earth is alive again! Put the little one in the stroller or carrier and get outside. Walk around your local arboretum, the zoo, nearby trails, or even just into town for some ice cream (by far our favorite option!).


Those are some of the activities we've got planned for the summer.
What are you up to?