5 Favorites: Earth-friendly Baby Products

Don't you just love finding easy ways to be eco-friendly? Last year, Austin and I realized how much waste we create in our daily lives, particularly how much plastic we throw away. After a few hours of looking up ways to minimize our plastic consumption, I realized it's pretty easy to find earth-friendly alternatives for most things. Here are some of our favorite earth-friendly items that we registered for and received for baby E.

  1. Wooden Toys
    This was a no-brainer for me. Wooden toys are super cute and they tend to be much better quality than their plastic counterparts, meaning the ones we got for E will hopefully be passed on to future siblings, cousins, and friends to use too. We got a mix of new toys and used ones that we found at garage sales (earth-friendly and budget-friendly!). Two of my favorite brands for wooden toys are Melissa and Doug and PlanToys. I'm in love with this elephant pull toy and I can't wait for E to be old enough for a play kitchen because Melissa and Doug have the CUTEST kitchen toys, like this incredible Make-a-Cake Mixer set.

  2. Jervis & George Glass Baby Food Containers
    I plan to make all of E's baby food when she starts solids in a few months. I had found a plastic baby food containers, but wasn't too thrilled about them. Then my aunt sent me these and I immediately put another set on my registry because they are the perfect alternative to plastic containers! They're basically mini mason jars and are freezer safe so you can make a big batch of purees and store them until needed.

  3. Bamboo Dishes
    Did you know that kids' dishes could be so cool?! When deciding on items for my registry, I thought my kids' dish options were plastic or stainless steel. I wanted to avoid plastic but was already anticipating the startling crash of a stainless steel plate being knocked off the table. Then I came across Bobo&boo Bamboo Dishes. Bamboo is sustainable and dishwasher-friendly (such an important feature for me, because I hate doing dishes). We got 3 sets, but haven't used them yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to be loving these even more in a few months when E starts solids

  4. Wooden Play Gym
    When putting together our baby registry, Austin and I realized there are some baby items that just didn't fit our style and play gyms were pretty high on our list of generally unattractive baby items. I figured there had to be something better, and of course I found my answer in the wooden alternative. We don't actually have one of these for E yet, because I'm still deciding which one I like best. I like this one from Pottery Barn but there's also this one from Ikea for half the price.

  5. gDiapers Reusable Diapers
    The idea of cloth diapering used to gross me out, but as I did more and more research on it, I found the cost-saving and environmental-friendliness pretty appealing. While figuring out which type of cloth diapers to use, I stumbled upon gDiapers and now I'm totally sold on cloth diapering. gDiapers are beyond easy to use and absolutely adorable! We use them with cloth inserts, but they can also be used with disposable inserts (that are flushable and compostable!). Click here to save 15% on your first purchase!

  6. BONUS ITEM! Bamboo Wipes
    Since we're using cloth diapers and I'm already doing multiple loads of laundry each week, I've opted to also use cloth wipes. These bamboo ones are small and soft and I know they'll last a long time. Even if you aren't cloth diapering, I'd still recommend them as a good washcloth for bath time!

I have loved researching and finding baby items that are earth-friendly and work well for our family. Have earth-friendly baby products or brands you love?
Share them in the comments!