5 Favorites: Children's Songs

I am no singer, ask my friends, my family, and especially my husband and they will confirm this truth. But does that stop me? You bet it doesn’t. I spend a good portion of everyday singing songs with E. After years of working in a preschool, I have quite a few children’s songs forever ingrained in my memory. Here are my current favorites to sing to my little E:

  1. Baby Beluga
    Before E was born, we were deciding on a lullaby that we’d sing as part of her bedtime routine and this sweet tune was the winner. The recording by Raffi is beautiful and there’s even an illustrated lyric book for the song. But beware, this may be one of the catchiest songs around!

  2. Jesus Loves Me
    I sing this to E at least once a day. Her smiles and babbles while I sing make me think she must know exactly what these words mean— you are loved beyond measure by the King of Kings. And that I will tell you every day that you live.

  3. You Are My Sunshine
    My go-to song for all occasions, but most recently especially when E is screaming in the backseat while I drive. I think singing it makes both of us feel better.

  4. Open Shut Them
    It’ll be a while before she can follow along with the motions, but E is mesmerized watching my clap and spin my hands. 

  5. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
    I’m not sure if it’s the motions or the words or the giddy smile on my face as I sing this, but E lights up for this song. A true classic.

What songs are your family singing right now?